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Área de Concentração: Planejamento Ambiental

Natureza do Projeto: Pesquisa

Data de Início: 21/10/2019

Linha de Pesquisa: Economia do Meio Ambiente

Situação do Projeto: Em andamento

The NBE is a major initiative to explore how countries can achieve better, more inclusive and sustainable growth: this is the new growth model for the 21st century. It is the flagship project of a Global Commission on the Economy and Climate that comprises former heads of government, finance ministers, and other leaders in the fields of economics and business from countries around the world. NCE provides independent and authoritative analysis and evidence of the actions that can strengthen economic performance while protecting countries? natural wealth, promoting social welfare, and reducing environmental risks. It works closely with local research partners and governments in countries to translate this approach into identifying national. 

Alexandre Salem Szklo
Andre Frossard Pereira De Lucena (responsável)
Bruno Scola Lopes Da Cunha
Fabio Teixeira Ferreira Da Silva
Gerd Brantes Angelkorte
Rafael Garaffa
Roberto Schaeffer

Finaciadores: WRI Brasil